Timbered floor

Four Biggest Concerns of Timbered Flooring and Their Solutions

Expectations are incredibly important when it comes to big purchases like floor coverings. This is especially true for hardwood or timbered floors. There is no doubt that a new timbered floor brings a measure of beauty and warmth into your home. Many people also enjoy a lot of benefits that timbered flooring offers. Of course, you can discover the many benefits here. However, many customers are not aware that timbered floors have some special features that may not be the perfect choice for everyone. Here are the four biggest concerns of timbered flooring and the solution for each issue.

Timbered floor

Timbered Floors Tends to Get Scratch

There are several surfaces that manufacturers apply to wooden floors to make them scratch-resistant. The final finish is now made of aluminum oxide. Getting worn is guaranteed but usually only ensures that the veneer does not wear out completely. There are no anti-scratch guarantees on the wood flooring market. All wooden floors, regardless of the integral therapy or the wood’s size, can be exposed to scratches. However, be sure to prepare your home before laying it on the hardwood. You should also check the installation of vinyl in your driveways, as this is where most visitors normally find themselves. Whether there are large pets or children in the house, it would help if you are looking for a much more scratch-resistant laminate floor.

Timbered Floors Are Guaranteed to Indent

wood floorWooden floors are not a valid alternative, but they can be exposed to dents due to heavy falls or wear. No wooden floor is dent-proof, but different types of wood have different degrees of hardness. It has been found that the higher the score that the wood species resists wearing, the larger the wood is. Northern red oak, the most commonly used wood species for floors, is the standard by which all other wood species were measured. There are ceramic and laminate “woody” products with high heels that are much more resistant to pressure and wear. Also, a damaged wood floor or palm finish can better hide dents and extra wear and tear on your floor.

Timbered Floors Can Age Over Time

The aging of most floor coverings is often related to the method by which the floor loses its shine over the years due to wear and tear. If you were to say “your carpets are outdated”, you would think it is time to find new ones. Wood floors already have a lot of pure personality and beauty. With proper maintenance, traffic and routine use should only improve the impressive character of your wooden floors.

This cannot be achieved with wood products such as ceramics, laminate, and vinyl. Consumers should also be aware of changing furniture and carpets in their position to avoid discoloration. Most hardwoods become darker and bolder over time, but some woods like Santos mahogany get warm in the sun. If you are really worried about the effect of sunlight on your floor, buy a hardwood that has been stained with a darker stain, or buy a species like the northern red oak, which is a less stressed species.

Timbered Floors Tend to Be Affected by Moisture

Hardwood floors are sensitive to moisture. It is extremely important to hire a professional installation team familiar with wood and its reaction to moisture. Equally important is the correct maintenance by the customer. Standing water must be used immediately, and the wooden floor must be stored in an air-conditioned room. One way to resist the effects of moisture on the floor would be to choose a hardwood floor. A timbered floor is the best choice for an engineered floor, as its underside is placed crosswise under the veneer, limiting the ability of the wood to expand and contract around the grain as the moisture content changes.

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