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Real estate is one of the top booming industries, and whether you are buying or selling, you will certainly need the services of a realtor. A lot of money exchanges hands in the real estate world, meaning that only massive losses or profits are made—and you have to make sure that the latter is what you get.

A good realtor will make sure that you get the best value for your property or money, and the bad news is that they aren’t enough of them. You can’t just pick the first realtor you come across—that is the main ingredient for a real estate disaster. To be on the safe side, here are some of the properties to watch out for.

Properties of a good realtor


Conducting business in the real estate industry is no easy task, a lot of time, patience, and motivation is needed. When hiring a Realtor, you have to make sure that they remain optimistic at all times, and always eager to provide the best services. Only a self-motivated person will be able to provide this level of competence, hence watch out for motivation.

Problem solver

Nothing is perfect, and when a problem arises, the only way out is to solve it. You want a realtor that will not bail out on you when you need them the most, hence make sure that you hire a problem solver. While interviewing, ask questions that are out of the box, and see how he/she responds to them, spotting a problem solver is in most cases, subliminal.


To make the most, or get fair deals, you have to get an honest realtor. If there is no honesty, then you will get ripped off. The perfect way to tell whether a real estate agent is honest is to ask friends or family for leads and recommendations. Honest people will always get more recommendations.


Attention to detail is crucial, especially when a lot of money is involved. For this reason, make sure that your chosen realtor is attentive.


handEthics define our existence, to get a clear picture of that—just imagine if the world was the wild-west. A realtor needs to have values, and should never opt for shortcuts to get desired results. Also remember that ethics is a two-way street, therefore—be ethical yourself.

These are some of the best pointers to help you get the perfect realtor; we hope you find them useful.