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Welcome to Oliver's Lavender Farm, located in the lavender capital of North America, Sequim, Washington. Oliver's Lavender Farm is owned and operated by Don & Claudine Oliver, a husband and wife team who work and run the farm. The farm is situated on 1 3/4 acres on which over 2,100 lavender plants, a drying barn, and a quaint country style gift shop are located.

Visitors to Oliver's Lavender Farm often comment on the friendly and warm reception they get from Don and Claudine. It is not unusual for visitors to give Claudine a hug before they leave as they have just found a new friend. Many also send thank you notes, emails and pictures thanking Don and Claudine for their hospitality and for giving them, the visitor, a memorable and happy time.

Don and Claudine look forward to welcoming you to their farm which includes their home with a cottage garden setting. They invite you to walk their fields of purple beauty and hope you enjoy what visitors have called "the biggest and best little lavender farm in Sequim".

Farm Photos by "Images by Marty"

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Phone (360) 681-3789 or email info@oliverslavender.com
Oliver's Lavender Farm - Don & Claudine Oliver
82 cameron Acres Lane - Sequim, WA 98382